Ball Bearing Units and Rod End

Ball bearing units and articulations - Ball Bearing Units

Revolving ball bearing units.


  • Self alignment
  • Wide load range
  • Ball bearing extremely long operating life
  • Very good ball bearing protection (double seal)
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Easy and safe locking on shaft
  • Local temper on sliding ball rail
  • System preventing rotation of inside ball bearing ring on the shaft
  • Easy positioning during assembly

Housing materials: 

  • cast iron
  • malleable cast iron
  • cast steel
  • forged steel sheet
  • stainless steel
  • aluminium alloy

Ball bearing:

  • steel alloy
  • stainless steel

Rod End and Spherical Bearings “JOINBAL”

Rod ends and spherical bearings “JOINBAL”.


  • High misalignment angle
  • High load admissible
  • Long operating life
  • Self alignment
  • High safety

Available types:

  • Steel on steel
  • Steel on bronze
  • Steel on PTFE (maintenance free)
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