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Pulleys and Belts - FALCON Pd™

Trasmissione cinghia dentata FALCON HTC™

FALCON Pd™ belt represent the new point of reference in the technology of the power transmissions.

Pitch: 8M, 14M

FALCON "GTR" pulleys in cast iron or steel suitable for taper lock bushing SER-SIT®.


  • Exceptional tensile strength for premium performance
  • Antistatic (ISO 9563)
  • Backside idler compatible when needed
  • High noiselessness

Timing Belt:

  • “GTR” tooth profile
  • “HYBREX” belt body
  • “FLEXTEN” tension cords
  • “PLIOGUARD” tooth covering 

  1. FALCON GTR Pulleys (EN)
  2. Trasmissione a cinghia dentata FALCON Pd (IT)
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