Polyurethane belts and pulleys

Polyurethane belts

Transmissions and linear motions

Pitch: T (2,5;5;10;20) - AT (5;10;20) - MXL, XL, L, H, XH - HTD (3;5;8;14) - RTD (5;8;14) - STD (5;8;14) - EAGLE (5;8;10;14) - F (1;2;2,5;3 - F9) and POLY-V K
iSync™ Polyurethane belt - Sleeves

"iSync™" polyurethane sleeves

Widest range of tooth profiles
iSync™ belts are able to transmit up to 30% more than conventional T, AT type of belts in the same space or same power with a more compact drive.


T and AT timing pulleys and bars

"T" and "AT" pitch timing pulleys, timing bars and EAGLE "M", "L" and 10M Pitch

Pitch: T (2,5;5;10;20) - AT (5;10;20) - EAGLE "M", "L" and 10M Pitch
Synchronous conveyor belt

Synchronous conveyor belt

EMF-Mechanical joints with pins / EFT-Mechanical grafts with stainless false teeth / Backings /  Welded profiles / Special machinings and customized drillings