Rotary and indexing

Shimpo Rotary and indexing - STH E STR series

NIDEC-SHIMPO first developed its STH off-set hollow bore rotary gearbox for a variety of robotic handling applications that were commonly encountered within the semiconductor industry. These OEM customers often wanted to apply the STH to a tooling fixture, end-effector, dial, etc., within their custom equipment. SHIMPO quickly expanded the variety of ratios supported for the series and the configurations available at the input side, in order to provide more flexibility and options for these turn-key projects.
SHIMPO has expanded its indexing product offering with the STR, to handle those applications that require larger overall torque carrying capacity with even finer levels of precision.




Frame Size    Backlash Rating Reduction ratios
Hollow Output Rotary Actuator, High moment load with high-precision
Cover tavola rotante STH singola Smallest: 052
Largest: 078
Variety: 2
≤ 2 arcmin
≤ 10 arcmin
Minimum: 12
Maximum: 324
Variety: 9

Hollow Output Rotary Actuator, “Zero backlash”
Cover tavola rotante STR Smallest: 040
Largest: 240
Variety: 7
Zero Backlash
≤ 5 arcsec
Minimum: 15
Maximum: Various
Variety: Various

  1. Shimpo Rotary and indexing - STH series (EN)
  2. Shimpo Rotary and indexing - STR series (EN)