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Pulley and Belts - SILENT SYNC®/EAGLE

Timing drives - SILENT SYNC™/EAGLE NRG™

Change the name of the timing belts from EAGLE NRG® to SILENT SYNC®.
Being the same product, built in the same factories, the interchangeability is total.

The innovative SILENT SYNC™ timing belt drive, latest generation, unique in its concept with helical offset toothing.

Pitch: 8M, 14M


  • “HNBR” belt body
  • “Aramid” tension cables
  • “Nylon and Polyethylene tissue” toothing cover

Standard pulleys in cast iron or ductile iron, with prebored hub or taper bushing.


  • High noiselessness
  • Very low vibrations
  • High transmissible power, with a very compact drawing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Belt self-alignment (pulleys don’t need flanges)

  1. EAGLE timing pulleys (EN)
  2. Trasmissione a cinghia dentata SILENT SYNC® (IT)
  3. Pulegge dentate EAGLE tipo "M" e "L" (IT)
  4. Download CADDownload CAD