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SIT rubber timing belt drives - intro

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Power transmission is key part of an automatic machine, in terms of efficiency, reliability and durability.
Only using quality components can such goals be obtained.
SIT S.p.A. belt drives, thanks to the innovative construction features, the respect of the international standards and continuous development, are the ideal, versatile and economic solution for machine design and manufacturing.
SIT, has been producing power transmission solutions for over five decades, and can offer one of the widest range of products in the market that will permit you to find the most efficient and compact solution at the best quality/price ratio.
Synchronous belts are the latest concept in power transmission belting evolution. These belts combine the advantages of chain and gear with the advantages of V-belts, but without the limitations usually associated with these conventional types of drives. There is minimal elongation, no metal-to-metal contact and no need of lubrication. Synchronous belts are amazingly versatile especially on possible applications on drives with extremely high power and from speeds under 0,5 m/s to over 40 m/s. Synchronous belts make possible power transmission that is efficient and accurate to a precise degree.
Timing belts also make possible important savings in weight, space and construction without the sacrifice of efficiency. They are adaptable to almost any type of power transmission drive from printers to heavy industrial milling machines and grinders. Engineered and manufactured with extreme care with pitch, tooth depth, width and other measurements accurate to a precise degree, timing belts are highly engineered products. The materials used in these remarkable belts consist of high-strength tension members, specially compounded rubber and proven synthetic fabrics. The belts are designed to eliminate excessive heat build-up and to operate efficiently.

SIT offer many distinctly different designs. Some are available as open-end constructions and some are available in dual-sided constructions.

Performance index
Each family of belts will be characterized by the Performance Index. This index is a fast and intuitive visual parameter to understand the performance level of the belt family.
Complete technical information about belt performances is included in the Power Rating table.