FlexWave Nidec Shimpo

 FlexWave Nidec Shimpo

NIDEC-SHIMPO has had a long and storied history supplying the leading robotics and machine tool manufacturers in Japan.

The NIDEC-SHIMPO FLEXWAVE is a very compact reduction mechanism that achieves zero backlash, as well as exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The FLEXWAVE consists of three major internal elements – the elliptical wave generator subassembly, the flexible cup gear, and the inner ring gear. The elasticity properties of the cup gear and the teeth differential between the cup gear and the inner ring gear result in the unique reduction characteristics. When compared to other reduction technologies, the FLEXWAVE offers the following advantages;

• Near Zero backlash
• High efficiency ratings
• High reduction ratios in a compact footprint
• Exceptional repeatability and torsional stiffness
• Extremely light weight with superior torque density

These characteristics enable the FLEXWAVE to be the superior choice when sizing and selecting the proper reduction technology for ROBOTICS, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, SEMICONDUCTOR and CIRCUIT MANUFACTURING, MACHINE TOOLS or any ASSEMBLY AUTOMATION applications requiring fine positioning.

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